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6 Top Headphones on the Market: Which One Should You Pick?

Do Michael Jackson hits of the 80s make your day start on a high note? Perhaps, you are the modern type that does not want to miss the latest reggae, hip-hop, or gospel tunes. Well, there is one way to catch that song that means so much to your heart – using a pair of headphone.

With a good pair of headphones, you can even work for more hours without tiring off. It is the go-to gadget to spice up the mood at work, enjoy the ride on a noisy train, or follow important news at home. However, many are those who easily get lost in the sea of headphones on the market, wondering which one to pick. Keep reading to learn about the top six headphones on the market.


The word circumaural is used to refer to how the headphones cup the ears when listening to music. They are commonly referred to as over-ear headphones and can be either open-backed or closed. They also feature padding that encircles to form a sort of a seal. The headphones are very comfortable, and you can also enjoy noise isolation if you select the closed-back type. If you are a DJ, a recording professional, or work in a very noisy area, circumaural headphones will be a great find.


This category of headphones is similar to circumaural but rests on the ear instead of encircling it. The main advantage of supra-aural headphones is that they are light and very comfortable. However, they do not have seals, implying they might not be ideal when working in noisy areas.

Semi-Open Modes

As the name suggests, this pair of headphone falls between closed-back and open type. They are designed to provide a realistic stereo field, extended low-frequency response, and low distortion when listening to music. Most people prefer using them when no open microphone is available to pick leaking sound.


Earbuds, which are also known as in-ear headphones, are considered the ultimate pieces when it comes to portability and weight. They are fitted into the ear canal, forming a seal that completely isolates background noises. People love them because they are easy to toss into the pocket or hang on the neck and walk around. Again, they do not interfere with glasses or mess with the hair.

The main issue with earbuds is that they are not as durable as circumaural models. Again, the sound quality, especially the bass, is poor.

Wireless Headphones

When you use wired headphones, there is a feeling that you are tethered on the same spot, curtailing your freedom to move around. This is why the wireless modes were designed. The headphones use three main technologies, including RF, infrared, and Bluetooth, among other digital technologies. They have circuits that help to convert wireless signals to sound.

While they are really light and cool to use, they come with key disadvantages. One, they have poor quality signal, and noise can be a serious issue. Again, they require a battery. So, if the battery runs low, the quality of the signal is likely to be poor.

DJ Headphones

This category of headphones is designed for use by professionals, especially DJs. Most DJs prefer the closed-back type because it helps with noise isolation. The best ones are the two-cup headphones, but you can also select the single-sided model that only has one cup. They are also loud, allowing the DJ to simultaneously hear the music they are playing and the reaction of the listeners.

The six headphones we have listed in this post are some of the best that you can get in the market. Remember that that personal preferences and the environment you will listen to the music in should play a central role in the headphones you select. Other top headphones you might want to add to the list include noise-canceling headphones and studio headphones.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Headphones

Have you ever bought an item and started regretting later because it turned out to be of poor quality, resulting in loss of money? I once bought a pair of headphones and never used it because my work environment was noisy, and they could not cancel the noise. This problem came about because I was not keen when purchasing the headphones. To help you avoid similar issues when buying headphones, this post highlights four common mistakes that people make and how to avoid them:

Common Mistakes that People Make When Purchasing Headphones

Whether you only want the headphones to listen to music when sleeping on the couch or traveling to work, it is important to avoid these four mistakes:

  • Picking Headphones Because You Have Seen Similar Models with Others

Did you see the headphones with your friend and really felt they were cool and want to buy the same model? This can be a serious mistake. The fact that they work well in his/her situation does not mean they will work for you. For example, you do not need to use DJ headphones for listening to music in your bedroom.

  • Failing to Think about the Reason for Buying Your Headphones

There are many types of headphones, but picking one at random is likely to result in disappointments. If you want a headphone for DJ, studio recording, or noise-canceling, you should insist on getting the model designed for that purpose. For example, circumaural headphones that are designed with cups are best for people who work in noisy areas.

  • Going for the Cheapest Model

When buying headphones, just like other electronic gadgets, everything arrows down to the cost. However, simply going for the cheapest model is not a good idea. Your primary target should be identifying a high-quality pair of headphones before factoring in the price.

  • Not Thinking about Durability

No one wants to buy headphones today and head back to the shop in the next few weeks or months. However, this is likely to be the case if you do not think about durability when buying headphones. So, start by checking the construction of the headphones, especially the joints and hinges. You might also want to read reviews about the selected headphones to hear what others have to say about durability.

Top Four Headphones that You Should Consider

One of the best ways to avoid the mistakes we have listed above is to understand the different types of headphones on the market. Here are the main categories of headphones that you can buy today:

  • Circumaural: These headphones are designed to help cup the ears and they are commonly referred to as over-ear types. Although bulky, they deliver high-quality sound and are very durable.
  • Supra-aural: The design of these headphones closely resembles that of circumaural but they are made to rest on the ears as opposed to encircling them. They are lighter but might not be the best pick when working in very noisy areas.
  • Open Air Headphones: These are also known as open-back models and can take either supra-aural or circumaural design. The back section of these headphones is open, implying that you still get to hear background noises when listening to music.
  • Earbuds: These headphones are designed to fit into the ear canal, creating a complete seal from outside noises. They are light, easy to carry, and do not mess the hair when worn to listen to music.

If you are looking forward to buying headphones, the market is flooded, and narrowing to the right one is never easy. However, you are sure of picking the best pieces by avoiding the mistakes that we have listed above. Remember that you should always be guided by the objective of purchasing the headphones and their quality.

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