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What to Look For in Wedding Rings for Men

Most men are not easy to shop for. Traditionally, men’s fashion trends and styles were bland and uniform; men preferred not to stand out from each other. But as time has progressed, so too has men’s fashion. Today it is much more common and socially acceptable for men to showcase their personality through their style, from their clothes to their accessories. Following suit, the variety of men’s wedding rings has also drastically evolved to include many more designs beyond just a simple band.

Today, men are much more comfortable flaunting their style in their choice of wedding band. Since the wedding band symbolizes an eternal bond to a partner, men prefer to choose a wedding band that reflects them and their partner. Where traditionally men would be ambivalent to their wedding band, today many men prefer to select their own.

Before visiting a jewelry shop, it is important to have a baseline understanding of men’s wedding rings so that you or your partner can shop with confidence. As wedding rings are treasured items to last a lifetime, it is helpful to be knowledgeable about your preferences in order to select the best ring.

Diamond or no Diamond

Traditionally, men’s wedding rings were simple bands of differing metals, often chosen to complement a woman’s choice of a wedding ring. There were seldom men who preferred to decorate their rings with a design or stone fitting, as those types of adornments were reserved for women’s rings. However, many modern men now prefer to have some arrangement of diamonds included on their wedding ring.

Many diamond-adorned men’s wedding rings today feature a single diamond. This is usually a small diamond embedded into the middle of the wedding band, as opposed to set atop the band. The most common diamond cut for wedding rings such as this is the round brilliant cut. Men can choose the type of metal used for the band as well as the width and the size of the diamond. Other diamond wedding rings include faceted bands and channel set diamonds.

Simple Bands are More Complex

While many popular men’s wedding ring styles have branched out from the traditional simple band, that style itself has undergone some changes to meet the demand of the modern man. While the simple band, free of any adornments or contouring, is still popular, there are many styles that use design to highlight personality rather than use stones.

Wedding bands without diamonds do not need to be boring or dull in their design. Diamondless wedding bands can come in an array of shapes and styles, including concave, herringbone, curved, and more. Some men’s wedding rings even have grooves in them to give the appearance of multiple bands.

Make Your Own?

For many young couples, wedding rings are weighed for their personal and emotional value, not their cost. Bucking the trend of spending significant money on a wedding ring, many young couples choose to make their own. They work with a blacksmith or jeweler to choose the metal they desire and forge the ring themselves. In going down this route, each partner will make the other’s ring, because, for some, nothing projects commitment more than making your partners ring.

Seal your bond with wedding rings that reflect your unique love story, symbolizing the promise of forever and the beauty of togetherness.

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