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5 things you didn’t know about eternity rings

There’s nothing you can do that tells your partner that ‘you are in this for a lifetime’ than giving her an eternity ring. An eternity ring works best as a gift for your anniversary or to celebrate your first child or just as an engagement ring. Wanna know more about why eternity rings are worn on the ring finger? Then you are in the right place because today we are talking about 5 facts that you never knew about eternity rings. I know you are excited, so without any further wait let’s get into it.

What is an eternity ring?

If you are shopping for an engagement ring for your soon to be wife. Then it is sure that you might have a question that goes along the lines of what is an eternity ring? Well, here’s the answer. An eternity ring is also known as an infinity ring which contains a band of a precious metal which is mostly gold or platinum. The ring is set with multiple pieces of finely cut gemstones, diamond is mostly used. An eternity ring is a symbolization of eternal love and togetherness. This is normally given to the lady by her soon to be husband or husband.

Eternity rings are now precision set 

Eternity rings are available in a ton of different styles in the market today. There are several band profiles as well. But most of the eternity rings are precision set. What we mean by precision is that the diamonds in the ring are set by machines to have a perfect finish to the ring. The most popular setting option is claw setting. Claw setting increases the sides light can reach the diamond.

How eternity rings have changed with time?

In the modern day world, it’s all about how big the ring is. But in the past years it was all about simplicity and elegance. To fit the needs of the people, eternity rings have changed a lot since the 50’s.

Why do people choose to wear an eternity ring on the ring finger?

Most of the people who own eternity rings choose to wear them alongside their engagement ring. But as trends change, An Eternity ring has now become an engagement ring. In common, why do you have to wear your engagement ring on the left hand’s 4th finger is the most common question in the minds of most people. This is because the ancient Egyptians believed that the ring finger had a vein that goes directly to the heart. The vein was called the vena Amoris which means the vein of love.

From when was eternity ring worn as engagement ring

It all started when siren Marilyn Monroe wore an eternity ring as her engagement ring. The ring was a platinum eternity ring with 36 baguette-cut diamonds. From now on, eternity rings were added to the list when going shopping for an engagement ring Hatton garden.

Eternity rings still have half and full eternity options

Eternity rings mostly consist of diamonds, diamonds have been a symbol for love, devotion and friendship. The reason why diamonds are so popular is because of the incredible strength and durability they possess. Diamonds are said to be a symbol for future, and closeness for eternal life. When placed in an eternity ring, the meaning is illustrated perfectly. So, a full eternity ring is one that has diamonds and a half eternity ring is one with other gemstones in it. If you are planning on getting an eternity ring, it is prefered to go for a full eternity ring than a half one. But if you are looking for something budget friendly then other gemstones will work just as well.

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