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What Is Synchronicity Hemp Oil and what is used for?

Synchronicity is defined as a complex interaction of three or more sensory systems, with the result that an individual experience altered states of consciousness. It is also defined as the presence of coordinated behavioral, emotional and physiological responses in an individual. Some of the most common examples include a feeling of lightness, floating, or having a heightened sense of awareness or of being in a meditative state. In its most pure form, synchronicity can be experienced as a frequency of sound in the mind or as the presence of a spirit guide, as in a dream state.

The use of Synchronicity Hemp Oil for the purpose of treating diseases and ailments of the body has been in practice for centuries. The ancient Egyptians referred to the mineral oil as ‘Schemos’ and claimed it had medicinal benefits. It was also used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to treat eye problems, headaches, convulsions, cramps and ulcers.

Hemp is also an important source of food fiber and vitamin E. Today, it is used as a vegetable oil for cooking and as a natural, safe and effective dietary supplement for those with nutrient deficiencies or who are lactose intolerant. There are many reports of the beneficial effects on the health and the immune system of those who have utilized this natural, safe and effective treatment to address medical issues.

Many of the symptoms and disorders described by persons experiencing synchronicity cite problems related to the nervous system and/or the brain. For example, those who experience depersonalization report a feeling that they do not exist.

This can include feelings of unreality, derealization and tunnel vision. Others may experience panic attacks and anxiety. Those who experience depersonalization also report feeling detached from their body and no longer feel that they are in control of their bodily functions.

One of the symptoms reported by persons experiencing depersonalization is that they seem to have no physical sensations or feelings whatsoever. This can include the feeling of floating or as if they are wearing a sort of invisible garment. Some reports indicate that people experience these types of symptoms before the traumatic event or incident occurs.

In fact, one individual told me that he had experienced this sensation before running his first marathon. He said that before the race he had started to feel drowsy and as if he were “out of body.” When he went to the hospital the doctor did a series of tests and discovered that he was not in fact out of the body, but that he was having severe anxiety related to racing.

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