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How to Host a Slime Party: Tips and Tricks for a Messy Fun Time

Every child looks forward to the gifts and celebration of their birthday. The urge to host the perfect birthday party among their peers increases the pressure on parents. A typical birthday party is filled with princesses and cartoon characters, which may tend to bore some children after a while. Meanwhile, it may be time to ditch those characters and old-school methods of birthday parties. Kids are known to love a mess while tagging it as having fun. For this reason, you should consider hosting a slimy, sticky party for your child.

Slime is a messy substance that screams fun. Children enjoy playing with slime because of its tactile sensation. A child’s birthday party can only be tagged as fun when there is a mess. This implies that a fun birthday party should be filled with slime. The party should provide an environment where children of the same age group can eat, drink, and play for fun. This article briefly discusses the best way to set up a slime birthday party.

How to Set  a Slimy Birthday Party

Preparing a slime birthday party is well within a parent’s budget. It is also easy to recreate if parents follow these laid down rules:

Plan the Party

Most kids love to have their birthday party on the same day. If this day happens to be a school day, you can fix the birthday in the evenings. This will ensure other kids can attend without any inconvenience. After setting a suitable time for parents and kids, you must decide if your child desires an indoor or outdoor party. You also need to send invitations and determine the number of guests.

Gather Supplies

There cannot be a slime birthday party without actual slime. Parents can purchase enough raw slime that kids can use to engage themselves. Aside from slime, other materials like borax, wax, and color additives should also be used. For kids to have maximum fun, they must have different slime options. Making the right birthday cake, food, and drinks like stitch with boba would be best.

Preparing the Slime Station

A slime station is a make-believe area of your house where the kids can make all the slimy mess during the party. When setting the slime station, arrange similar ingredients on the same table. You can create cute short cards that contain basic rules and regulations that must be followed at the time station. For adequate supervision, you can pay a teenager to serve as the station master for the birthday. This master will give the good kids extra candies, encouraging others to follow suit.

Add Fun Elements

The entire party should have additional elements that will make it the talk of the town among their peers. Examples of such extra touch of elegance that improve the party include slime contests.  A slime master can organize games, and the kids are made to compete amongst themselves despite all the mess.


You must purchase non-toxic substances when hosting a kid’s birthday slime party. There will be many kids, and the naughty one might not be easy to point out. For this reason, there are different nontoxic slimes for kids that can be bought at slime shops. The other materials for the party should also be carefully selected. Above all, never forget to buy the right cake for your child.

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