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Tips to Find the Value of Postcards

You might have a hobby of collecting vintage cards. However, postcards are a hidden gem you can inherit from your grandparents. Some of them have tremendous worth after being around for decades. Here are some tips to help you find the value of postcards.

Look at the Condition

One of the surefire ways of understanding postcard values is the condition. Keep the collector in mind when selling it. They want to make sure the card has no tears, discoloration, or other damages that would destroy its integrity.

Keep in mind that some cards have gliding and glitter. You want to have as much as this extra detail as possible because it could affect the price range.

Also, you want to be wary if a card looks too perfect. Sometimes this could be a reproduction, which provides no value.

Determine the Age

Age is another factor that can determine the value of the card. Cards before 1898 hold tremendous worth and need an inspection for the minute details. Be careful because a fake may be in the midst of vintage cards.

Just because the post date is on it doesn’t mean that it’s a card from that time. Cards back then were used to promote things, from an individual shop or as a way to advertise a sale. Also, older cards had just one side of writing because of U.S. Law.

Go through some postcards guide books if you have trouble determining the date of your card.

Subject Matter

Another thing to look at is the topic of the card. Let’s say you have a postcard from the Titanic. That would fetch a higher price because it was an iconic moment in time and a tragedy. Additionally, it recognized the turn of the century and the pop culture effect because the 1997 movie will only add to the value.

When you have intriguing subject matter, it helps you get more out of it to collectors and people who like specific things from boats to sports.


The easier you can see the postmark, the more value it’ll add to the card. Additionally, you might have a weird and outdated font because the printing machine no longer exists. That eccentric detail will help the card skyrocket in price.

Get an Appraisal

Speak to an appraiser to help you get the market value of your letter card. An expert knows the market demand, rarity, and legitimacy.

Checking all these factors can help you find a valuable postcard to hold or sell.

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