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Seven Important Things to Consider when Buying a Tractor

Tractors are hard-working, powerful machines necessary to perform farm tasks. But, they are also complex machines that have plenty of parts. If you are on the market to buy a tractor, you must evaluate the following:


The engine is the heart of the tractor that offers the power to perform heavy work. The majority of tractors run on diesel fuel or gasoline with diesel engines often giving more power than their gas counterparts. The engine’s strength is measured in horsepower and the higher the horsepower the more power the engine has.


The kind of transmission is a major feature to think about as it tells how the machine will perform. Tractors like hydrostatic transmissions are driven with foot pedals and the speed can be increased by pushing harder on the pedal. But, some tractors have manual gear-driven transmission like synchro-shift transmissions where the speed can be changed by physically shifting gears using a control stick. Such kind of transmission makes it easy to maintain a constant speed but it is not as simple to handle as a tractor that has foot pedals.


A tractor needs to have at least one kind of attachment hitch to be used with other equipment. The three-point hitch is one of the most useful that includes a hydraulic lift to raise and lower attached the attached. You can also find drawbar hitches and specialised hitches for attachments like front-end loaders and forklifts. You can learn more about tractors at

Hydraulic Power

This feature can be used in many ways. Hydraulic power-steering can make turning easier and be used to lift attachments and power implements like backhoes and front-end loaders.

Power Take-Off (PTO)

The PTO is one of the most important parts of a tractor. This spinning shaft is located at the tractor’s rear. It offers power to attachments like mowers and hay balers. It usually has its own horsepower rating separate from the engine of the tractor.


A tractor’s tires are designed to offer traction so the equipment can perform heavy work. Traditionally, the tires are filled with air; however, they can also be filled with heavy fluid like automotive antifreeze or windshield washer fluid that offers more weight to the tires and offers even better traction.

Rollover Protective Structure

The majority of modern tractors with significant power and size are equipped with a rollover protection structure. This is meant to protect the driver from injury when the tractor rolls or flips over.

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