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3 Types of Side by Side Models to Know Before You Buy One

Nowadays, there are three different types of side by side vehicles available today. They are utility, recreation and performance. There may be a few models that may dabble in other ways, but they stay separate when comparing with other models.

  1. Utility

The most original side by side models are the utility models by They are focused on higher load and towing features. There are a few distinct features like 3 person wide bench seating in both front as well as back and comes equipped with large cargo boxes and multiple storage spaces in the entire cabin area.

The utility side by sides can take in all kind of extra equipment, from totally enclosed cabs with glass windows, and heating and AC to snow plows. Usually, the proprietary attachment points let for the racks made for holding the long hand tools such as pickaxes and shovels, fluid tanks for sprayer systems, etc. The utility side by side market has also reached the agricultural sector with products from John Deere, Kubota etc.

  1. Recreation models

The next model is recreation that bears some features like utility models but are better for balancing both work and play. These models bear 3 wide bench seating that can also be replaced by bucket seating that is more comfortable and supportive at higher speed or sharp angles. The rear seating in the recreational models can be fixed or there are some convertibles also available that can be folded into the cargo box floor when it is not in use. The ROPS or Rollover Protection Systems can cover all the seating locations. The half doors are also commonly equipped on these models. While they are still able to move the respectable payloads, some minor concessions can be made in that place for more comfortable rides or to cover more technical department.

  1. Performance models

This is the newest model in the market. They are the most purpose focused ones too. There are many models in this segment that focuses on particular types of terrain. For instance, mud focused. But, most go for the biggest possible specifications to cover the roughest terrain ever. These models bear no trailer hitch and interfere with the cargo boxes rarely. The shelves in the rear lack a tailgate and the little space available has the radiator or the air intake components equipped. If there is some cargo, then you may need OEM accessories. Performance models are distinguishable as they have a large suspension that makes them wider and has huge tires as well.

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