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Getting A Fantastic Deal Shopping For Jewellery In Thailand

When you are looking for beautiful jewellery in Thailand, jewelry manufacturers are plentiful, so it is easy to find lots of beautiful pieces you may want to buy. Thailand is a fantastic destination for jewellery shopping as it is a primary global trading centre for finished jewellery and polished gemstones. You can find some excellent bargains when you go jewellery shopping in Bangkok, and you can see some tips below to help you get the best deal possible when you find something you want to buy.

Shop At Independent Jewellery Stores

You will find that the best bargains for jewellery are available at the smaller and independent jewellery stores rather than the chain stores you can find. There are plenty of places you can look for these types of stores, such as the many markets throughout Bangkok, and you will want to avoid the large shopping malls where prices are higher. You will want to visit the Yaowarat area of Bangkok, also known as China Town; there are many independent jewellery stores here, and you can get some excellent bargains.

Do Not Forget To Haggle

When shopping in Thailand, it is possible to haggle on the price of many things you can buy, especially at smaller independent stores. When you have found a piece of jewellery you wish to purchase, it is worth looking for something else, as when you are purchasing multiple items, it is easier to get a bigger discount. Always let the vendor make the first move and ask them how much the jewellery is before you counter with an offer. Ensure you do not make too low an offer, as this can offend the vendor, and they may refuse to do business with you. You can negotiate a good deal on your jewellery, but it is possible to make further savings.

Do Not Forget Your Passport

You will want to ensure you take your passport when shopping, as this can help you get a further discount on your purchase. Thailand has a VAT Refund for Tourists Scheme, which you can take advantage of and see you enjoying a refund of the 7% VAT you pay. If you have a passport with you and the shop you purchase from is a member of this scheme, they can sell their products to you without charging VAT. However, only some shops are members, and if this is the case, you can still enjoy duty-free shopping by claiming back the VAT at the airport before leaving Thailand.

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