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Buying A Gaming Headset – Which Features Are Important?

The bloops, bleeps, booming, and occasional gunfire sounds from a video game can be frustrating for people around you. You may have headphones as well as a webcam including a mic to handle your multi-player requirements, but having a headset can make a difference. 

Headphones versus headset

Headphones focus only on sound quality – adjust the balance between lows, mids, and highs. Better grade studio headphones are pricier than a headset. If you wish mic functionality then it needs to be purchased separately. 

Alternatively, headsets have an in-built boom mic and are less costly than the headphones. Some of the headsets optimize in-game sound effects that only very sharp audiophiles will complain. 

 Which headset features are important for you?

Budget planning is necessary to figure out the luxury level you can afford. It will help you prioritize the available features and choose one that suits your budget. 

Fit & comfort

The headset needs to make you feel comfortable perched on your head. If you feel crushed or uncomfortable around your ears, then even a headset with crystal clear sound or pretty RGB lighting will make you feel like a waste of money. Look for something comfortable to wear across the long gaming session. 

You can choose one with adjustable features. Even determine if you desire close or open earphones. The former offers great privacy, while the latter may leak a little audio but your ears will feel cool.

Isolation matters

Poor isolation can actually alter what is heard, especially when you play games using directional audio cues. If the pad is not sufficiently big to fit your ears, then look for big size headsets or replacement pads. In case you wear glasses get velour pads or else a lot of bass will be missed out. 

Some headsets feature noise-canceling, where background noise gets filtered and your audio output is very clear. Hearing footsteps from people moving around in the room or traffic noise from the window can interfere with the distant gunshot sounds in the game. It is a shame to miss even one of them!

Quality & durability

The headset needs to be looked carefully in terms of materials used and its built quality. Thin cables, cheap plastic parts, and flimsy attachment points all define a poor quality headset. No one will desire to waste money on a headset, which will be almost unusable after several months. Shop around for a high-quality headset with sturdy cables and solid construction.

If you can test the headset with different kinds of movies, games, music, etc. Performance differs drastically relying on the audio kind you are piping inside the headset. Experiment with different frequency and variance!


Ultimately, choose a headset that suits your style and you will enjoy wearing it. There are a lot of options ranging from sleek, modern, and modest in black or chrome to pulsing RGB lightings or neon rainbows. Choose one that blends well with your setup and suits your uniqueness.




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