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Which places are the best to keep the crossdrawholsters.

Getting of having the crossdraw holsters is one of the most crucial things one can have if one has a gun. A custom leather holster is used to keep the gun’s mouth in a cover and have the gun in a place where it can rest. The holster is usually used for safety purposes where one won’t fire a gun by mistake or press the trigger, which can cause an accidental injury. Apart from having crossdraw holsters, one should also know a good place where one can hang them.

Many people have a hard time deciding where to hang their custom leather. They usually hang it around the waist, but it can be difficult for people to keep their pistols around the waist if they weigh a lot. Therefore there are many other places where one can keep one’s crossdraw holsters apart from the waist. Here are the most common places where one can hang one’s holsters.


The shoulder

One of the most preferred places where people keep their crossdraw holsters is on their shoulders. The shoulder is the only part of the body where one can hang the holsters and pull out the gun with twisting any arm or bending any elbow. It is one of the places where one can pull out the gun naturally and doesn’t need to take any extra effort. Although to keep the gun over the shoulder, one has to know that a solid shoulder is required, and if one doesn’t have a solid shoulder, it may cause pain.


The thigh

One of the best places where one can keep the holsters is on the thigh. One can keep the crossdraw holsters under the thigh on the opposite side of the dominant arm. One can easily move around and pull the gun out from this position. It is also quite easy to use if one wants to hide the gun and has long clothing. It is the reason why it is famous among women.


Drop leg position

The drop leg position is one of the classical positions which is famous since the age of cowboys. If one knows the cowboys, one can figure out the place where they keep their guns. The usual location where one keeps the gun is right where the wait ends of the starting of the thigh. One can choose either side of the waist according to one’s choice. Although to keep the holsters in such a position, one has to wear a long coat and any clothes which are at least long till thighs.


The ankle

The last position where one can keep the holster is over the ankle. But as one might have guessed, keeping the holster on the ankle isn’t feasible. It is in no way a place where one would keep one’s primary gun. Therefore, if one has two guns and wants to keep the second one somewhere, one can keep it over the ankle. One should be careful to lock the holster through.

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