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Read This, Before You Buy Any BMW Motorcycle

In the vehicle market, BMW automobiles has a good name and fame and they also have set themselves apart from the rest of the vehicles.

Products obtained from BMW sells by its name. Also, if you decide to buy any moto bmw usagée  (English meaning is used BMW motorcycle), it will be your smart decision.

We shall name few of its well-known models of motorcycle that if you can get in good condition then you must immediately buy it.


This is one most popular motorcycle and following are few models available:

  • G 310 GS
  • F 750 GS
  • F 900 XR
  • F 850 GS
  • F 850 GS Adventure
  • R 1250 GS
  • R 1200 GS
  • S 1000 XR
  • R 1250 GS Adventure


  • 1,170cc stroke flat twin
  • 999cc inline four
  • 895cc inline-twin
  • 853cc inline twin
  • 853cc parallel twin
  • 313cc single


Ever since the Heritage was launched in the market, the family of R Nine-T has expanded to a number of several distinct models as given below:


  • R nine-T Pure
  • R nine-T /5
  • R nine-T Scrambler
  • R nine-T
  • R 18


  • 1,802cc flat twin
  • 1,170cc flat twin


Roadster segment consists of only few bikes, but there are no any afterthoughts. All these machines of this motorcycle represent almost everything from their incredible value propositions right up to 165 HP beasts having standard titanium exhausts.

Following are few models available in the market:


  • G 310 R
  • F 900 R
  • S 1000 R
  • R 1250 R


  • 1,254cc boxer twin
  • 999cc inline-four
  • 895cc inline-twin
  • 313cc single-cylinder


Touring is another big BMW segment that comes only next to Adventure bikes. You can find BMW touring bikes covering large land swaths all around the globe.

If you try to swing through few notable riding zones such as TAIL OF THE DRAGON, then you are guaranteed that you will spot few well-to-do folks who is cruising comfortably on them.

Following are few models available:


  • K 1600 B
  • K 1600 Grand America
  • K 1600 GTL
  • K 1600 GT
  • R 1250 RT


  • 1,649cc inline-six
  • 1,170cc boxer twin


For any brand that has so much reputation in racing and generally associated with sports by consumers, these sport bikes are not the first thing that comes to mind while most people will think of BMW motor bike.

Following are few models available –


  • S 1000 RR
  • R 1250 RS

Engines: 1,254cc boxer twin

  • 999cc inline-four

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