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How to Style and Wear Ripped Jeans for Men

There is no doubt that most of the guys of all ages have come to more of casual dressing. A good pair of jeans is an absolute necessity of every man’s wardrobe. But it is pretty obvious that one gets bored of wearing basic jeans every day, and here is what came in the trend that is the ripped skinny jeans at La Haute. Ripped and distressed denim made its first debut in early 2000, when Tsubi popularly ripped, chopped, and painted men’s jeans for the masses. Soon enough, all brands including many high-profile menswear brands were offering it.

Whatever your personal style, and wherever you need to go – you simply cannot go wrong with a great pair of jeans of a reputed and top brand like La Haute. Their makers deliver jeans of all the classic cuts, tailored to look amazing, super comfortable, and affordable as well.

Here are some clues to style your ripped skinny jeans:

  • Sneakers: If you wish to buy skinny or relaxed legged ripped jeans, then wearing sneakers could be the best choice. The jean’s drape works good with low sneakers, but when jeans are longer, then higher ones look perfect.
  • Blazer and ripped skinny jeans

The blazer and ripped jeans combination work great with dress shirts, t-shirts and can be even paired with high-end sneakers. They can be black or white; otherwise, a normal brown color Chelsea Boots would look amazing. The jacket/blazer and ripped jeans combination is best for drinks at an upmarket, concert hopping, date night, and or a casual night out.

  • T-shirt and ripped jeans

If the weather is warm or you cannot figure out what to wear, then a t-shirt can be your savior. Any plain color t-shirt can be a staple choice, you can even consider wearing some branded luxury t-shirt. Make sure the fit is perfect and length is good enough to cover the midriff, shorter is an absolute ‘NO’.

  • A shirt and ripped jeans

For dressier occasions like dates, a fashion week party, or might be a store opening, you can combine your casual shirt with ripped jeans.

Denim (black or blue) shirts, plain any color button-down shirts, and also printed ones, all could compliment a good pair of La Haute ripped skinny jeans. Wear with a belt and go with either completely untucked or partially tucked shirts.

  • Bomber jacket and ripped skinny jeans

For cooler autumn and summer evenings, pairing your bomber jackets with ripped skinny jeans looks pretty dapper. Any color jacket would look outstanding with a pair of ripped jeans.

Choose ripped skinny jeans based on your shape, body type, style, and occasion. But at the same time, you need to be careful about tears and rips. Some ripped patterns are not for office wear but are counted as casuals.

Check out the best range of ripped skinny jeans at La Haute in Australia. Their collection stands apart from other types of jeans in the market, as they offer tapered, unique, and good quality which suits both formal and casual styles.

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