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How to Buy the Perfect Winter Clothes for your Dog

When it gets rainy, windy, and cold outside, you will go through your closets to find warm clothes that can keep you from freezing. If you own a dog, you also have to consider their comfort. Some breeds can deal well with bad weather conditions. In fact, they even feel better on winter days than during summer. But, if you own a typical chilly dog, you need to give it warm dog clothes like a hurtta summit parka on cold days.

Various Kinds of Dog Clothes

If your fur friend needs clothes for the winter walks, consider the kind of suit that is best for him. There are a lot of factors to consider such as the activity level of your dog, the atmospheric conditions, the dog’s temperament, his age, and how long his hair is. These days, you can choose the best dog clothes from thousands of options. But, you need to think mainly about your dog’s comfort. Aside from giving rain or front protection, the perfect dog clothes should let your dog move freely. This way, a dog walk will always be a pleasure. Below are different kinds of dog clothes your dog needs:

  • Dog jacket and suit. These clothes can be made from fleece and are often have several layers. They can also be made of warm material and water-resistant fabric like polyamide. But, they can come with a hood. In terms of dog clothes, you can pick from different fastening systems like snap buttons, zippers, and Velcro straps. You must pay attention to these details to ensure you end up with the right product for your pet.
  • Dog sweaters. These sweaters are made of knitted fabric that you can buy in a turtleneck version.  They offer warmth but don’t provide protection against moisture and wind. Often, they have a head-hole to put them on.

  • Dog hoodie. It is usually made of cotton knitted fabric. Ideally, it is worn by dogs as the season transitions from spring to autumn when it is cold outside. It offers comfort and freedom of movement.

Buying the Right Dog Clothes

When you buy clothes for pooch consider bringing your pet so he can try on some clothes. If this is not possible, just take measurements correctly so you can compare them with the sizing chart of a store. When buying dog clothes, the length of the pet’s back, chest girth, and neck girth are the most important dimensions.

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