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Gain A Good Understanding of Vaping Devices and Features

Technically, vaping means heating weeds or related chemicals into fine vapor. Unlike cigarette smoking, combustion is not involved. Thus, it is assumed to be a healthy consumption method as burnt plant matter does not get inhaled while vaping.

Newbies to vaping need to have a good understanding of different kinds of devices and extraction methods used to formulate the vape cartridges. Vape distillate cartridges offer at highly refined near-to pure oil using the CO2 extraction method. Terpenes get blended with the distillate to create a thin and easy to vape product.

Different vaping devices

The three main categories are –

  1. Table-top vaporizers 

It is a giant device that does not leave your home and is less expensive than the latest and advanced plug-in portable small devices. Desktop vaporizers allow you to vape precisely and have good control over the temperature. The crucial thing to learn here is about the unique effects of different cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. They need different temperatures for the correct vaporizing process or the flavors will taste roasted and burnt. Choose a quality table-top vape device to enjoy the medical benefits vaping has to offer!

  1. Dry herb vaporizers

Hand-held, portable, and user-friendly dry herb vaporizers are available in different varieties. Features and costs differ significantly, but their functioning is the same. Herbs get heated and without carbonization, vapors are released. The hand-held device offers the same experience as traditional cigarette smoking. Remember, the way chemical gets released [without combustion] the length and level of effect can differ in vaping.

  1. Oils or concentrates

Oil or cartridge vaporizers are popular as a vape pen. They are designed to be discreet and small that can be used on-the-go. Vape pens are battery powered but offer a very potent effect. Oil-based vaporizers are potent and make users close to dabbing instead of actual herb smoking. Effects differ because there are varieties of cartridges available. Its popularity is due to its effectiveness and low cost.

After considering the types of vaporizers look at other features given below –

Heating method

You will have to choose between two heating methods –

  • Conduction heating – It is used in the hand-held vaporizers, where heating involved is via direct contact. The drawback is uneven heating or burning plant matter.
  • Convection heating – Plant matter gets vaporized with heat just like in an oven.

Energy power sources

Desktop vaporizers are potent and offer constant heating source even though it needs more energy for operating. A few are operating on rechargeable batteries. On the other hand, portable vape devices are battery-powered. A few need an outlet and a cord to operate, while some even run on solar.

Temperature controls

You can manually control the vape temperatures, which is a great feature because everyone’s puffing style differs. You can choose the precise temperature suitable for your puffing style.

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