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Four Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Head-Shop

Head-shops are stores that sell drug paraphernalia such as grav labs, glass bongs, and other tools used by cannabis users. Before, these shops were known for being dim, smoky rooms with unfriendly characters. But, this has significantly changed with modern head-shops offering a well-lit, friendly, and clean environment for customers to be in.

Head-shops continue to offer better products and improved facilities selling various types of accessories for customers who enjoy cannabis.  These days, head-shops have become more a place for socializing with friends greeting each other their purchases. Modern head-shops make customers feel comfortable and welcome by having employees who help educate customers on the products they are interested in buying. If you are planning to visit a head shop in downtown Phoenix to check out the products and accessories available, below are some things to consider:

Knowledgeable Staff

A great head-shop caters to your needs no matter your knowledge level. They have employees who are well versed in the products you are looking for and its different uses. Reputable head-shops are friendly and patient to inexperienced customers who have basic questions. Also, they can easily transition to talking about splash guards, percolators, and color trends with more knowledgeable patrons. Look for a head-shop whose employees know their jargon and understand common terms such as bubbler, vaporizer, nectar collector, and dab rig.


Respected head-shops are honest, legitimate businesses. They are open and honest about where they are based, what product they are selling, where they are buying wares, and the quality of different products. If you visit a reputable shop, their employees will make the best recommendation based on your specific needs and can advise against a certain product or glass brand if it does not align with your lifestyle or is of low quality.

Product Diversity

Find a head-shop with a huge selection of quality glass, cannabis accessories, and vapes. They must stock both current and trendy brands, styles, and artists. If you choose a shop with the right product mix and specialty products, you can be sure to have the best and most personalized shopping experience.

Customer Service

A reputable head-shop is recognized for its excellent customer service and strives to do better. It has information on warranty packages for viable electronic products, as well as safety information on newer, less understood devices like electronic nails.  They have in-store pamphlets and signs on new products, together with demonstrations on how to use them.

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