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Explore The Various Types Of Military Knives for Sale

A knife is one of the important handy tools a soldier must possess. It is used not only for self-defence but also for several other purposes such as cutting wood, to start fire etc. These are also tactical knives. These are the best if one wants to protect one’s life. So, let’s check out some of the most common military knives used by the soldiers.

Combat knives: These are important for one to execute one’s duties as well as to defend oneself. It has an extremely sharp blade and it fits into one’s pocket. The size is important as one should be able to reach it easily when in danger.

Machetes: Not every knife is used for self-defence. Soldiers use this one to remove obstacles from the path such as shrubbery or wood. One needs these to prepare a meal in a forest or wilderness. This one is also extremely useful in skinning animals when in wild.

Boning knives: As the name suggests, this one is used to remove the meat from the bones. They certainly make their lives easier as they won’t have to worry about the meal.

Sog Seals: This one bears the name of the navy seals who own it. The SEALS use it to crush a skull, to hammer in a nail or to break the glass. Its multifunctionality speaks volumes about the knife’s strength and utility. It is resistant to corrosion; therefore, it is the perfect knife to use in the jungle.

Cold Steel SRK: This knife is mainly used in combat and is quite sturdy. Its blade is made of stainless steel by AUS 8A. The soldiers use them for opening tins and cutting wood and small shrubs. It lasts for a long time and the handle is comfortable to hold. Also, it is perfect for those who love to spend time in the wild as it can tolerate the brutal wear and tear.

ASEK Survival knife: This mean-looking knife is produced in Ontario. The US army has been using this knife since 2003. It is lightweight but does not let its weight fool you. Its blade is five inches (1095). It is perfect for the self-defence as it does not slip in the forward direction and cause injury to the user while being used.

These are some popular knives that one can buy during a military knives for sale.

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