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Electronic Cigarettes – How to Keep Them in Top Condition

No matter what device you buy, it can suffer from wear and tear. Even top of the range e cigs need cleaning and maintenance to ensure they last, and the user gets the best possible vaping experience. If you’ve transitioned from traditional cigarettes to e cigs, you probably aren’t familiar with how to take good care of your new device. This article should be useful when it comes to keeping your e cig in tip top condition.

Keep Your E-Liquid Topped Up

Have you ever heard a mechanic tell you to keep your gasoline topped up and not to let it get too low? The same applies to an e cigarette. A machine works better when there is a little juice in the tank, it ensures parts don’t run dry and it keeps components lubricated. If your tank is running low on e liquid, you run the risk of suffering a dry burn. This can damage your device by burning your atomiser out. If you are looking at vape kits and thinking about buying a new one, keep this tip in mind when your e cig arrives at the door.

Take Care of the Battery

Your battery powers your device, so make sure you take good care of it. Dirty terminals can affect your battery, the easiest way to clean them is to use a cotton bud. If your device isn’t operating correctly and you think your battery is the problem, give it a good clean and see what happens.

Correct Storage is Important

It is important to leave your e cig in a dry area at the right angle. Leaving the e cig on its side or upside down will have a negative effect on the device. If you don’t lay the e cig down flat, the wick won’t stay saturated and you could get a dry burn. E liquid can also travel towards the airflow and eventually leak out of the device.

Here are 4 important points to remember when storing your e cig.

  • Always put it upright to avoid flooding the airspace
  • Store it away from direct sunlight
  • Never leave it in a damp or wet area
  • Keep it clear of high temperatures

Clean the Mouthpiece

Your mouthpiece is an essential component of your device, so you must keep it clean and free of any debris. Dust can easily accumulate in your mouthpiece, blocking the flow of vapour when you draw. To clean this component of your e cig, remove it and blow forcefully through the hole. You can also use a cloth to clean inside the mouthpiece and around the opening. If you find it is really dirty, rinse it out with warm water.

As you become more familiar with your e cig, you’ll learn all of the best techniques to keep each component of your device clean. This article has covered just a few important maintenance and cleaning areas to consider. There are other parts which will need attention, such as your atomiser and clearomiser, your coil and e liquid storage.

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