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Dabbing Basics and Tips to Enjoy Dabs Like A Professional

Super stoners reach higher tolerance. They feel that the flowers they smoke don’t get them high. Fortunately, dabs [cannabis concentrates] restore their ability to enjoy the mild rush. Is dabbing safe? Unlike cigarette smoking, dabbing is cleaner in terms of chemicals as cannabis concentrate does not include harmful carcinogens, which are a byproduct of burning plant fibers. Due to the pure form of concentrates, dabs deliver strong flavor with an intense high.

Basics of dabbing

Dabbing is a phenomenon, where convective heating is used instead of conductive heating. The former is smooth, healthy and less wasteful because herbs are not burnt using a high flame. In dabbing two main steps are involved –

  • Nail surface gets heated with a torch
  • Dab gets heated on the nail surface

The resulting vapor gets inhaled offering you a forceful yet smooth hit.

Is the dab rig needed for dabbing?

Many make-shift or creative methods are used for dabbing. However, beginners can buy Dr Dabber online. It looks like a regular water pipe with few extra components sticking out.

  • Nail
  • Dome
  • Joint
  • Dabbing torch
  • Dabber

How to dab?

  • Heat the nail with dab torch until it gets visibly heated.
  • Place the dome over the nail and let it cool for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Now apply a dab on the nail surface directly and inhale slowly!
  • Relax and exhale!

Tips to dab like a professional

Start with a small dab

Dabbing is different than smoking cannabis buds. Concentrates like shatter, budder, and wax are extremely strong from the marijuana plant materials they got extracted from. A huge dab amount can be a bad experience. Therefore, take small dabs, so that your intake can be controlled.

Dab at low temperature

Dabbers using high temperatures have complained unpleasant taste, loss of balance or sudden chest discomfort. Therefore, allow the nail to cool a little or concentrates can combust triggering a bad experience. The high temperature will also remove the valuable flavor.

Use gloves

Touching concentrate slimy oil with bare hands can contaminate or dilute it. The use of glove offers contaminant-free smoke and prevents concentrates from sticking to hands.

Clean dab rig after every use

Dab rig offers a strong and clean hit. The rigs are easy to clean. A little hot water and mild residue traces get eliminated. A clean rig offers fresh concentrate taste without any old residue affecting the flavor.

Upgrade to improve the experience

Adding a percolator to your dab rig will offer an amazing experience. The smoke created interacts with water as it passes, thus lowering the temperature. You can enjoy a cool and smooth throat hit!

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