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Best Custom Packaging for Shipping Clothes

Delivering clothes is simple when you have the correct custom package. Clothes are lightweight, making them moderately reasonable to transport, so you can start and budget more money into the things that matter, and that is branding your custom boxes and making experience to your customers.

Custom Packaging for Clothes

What is the best packaging for transporting clothes? Pass on, the C-arrangement box is the perfect custom packaging box, regardless of whether you transport massive coats or scarves.

The C-arrangement box is a layered cardboard self-locking box with side residue folds and a move end front fold that folds from the top to safely close. As opposed to two folds compromising to close with the assistance of tape, the C-arrangement has a single fold that folds down absurd and secures in the front of the container.

C-arrangement boxes are not quite the same as some other transportation boxes in that they require a cutting pass on.

Why are C-arrangement boxes the bests?

Durable and Secure

The C-arrangement’s front folding keeps the crate firmly shut even without requiring tape. Your dress and clothing things will be totally ensured, showing up free from any danger when you transport in a C-arrangement package.

Prime land

C-arrangement boxes are perfect for marking. A fully open canvas, with no top creases or half folds that will hinder on your custom printing. You can mark your C-arrangement totally over the top, advancing your logo and ensuring your image name is noticeably unmistakable.


The ever-famous membership boxes are known for their C-arrangement packaging. Buyers are so used to them, and they will like any item that is delivered in this style box as a top of the line, first-class, or one of a kind package.


It’s great because you can fully customize the interior if the c-series packages. So with that, you will beat out your competitors. And customers will see your printing and logo, and you will be their target to buy.

Accessible in different completions

C-arrangement boxes are available in kraft, white, or gleam with numerous variations from printing that will loan to separating your image and box from others.

Exclusively fit

You can structure a C-arrangement in for all intents and purposes any size or measurement you need, so your custom box will be a unique fit for any of your dress things.


Customers love an incredible box, and the C-arrangement doesn’t disappoint. They open and close a large number of times, without damaging or wearing off.

At last, we suggest you try out the c-style custom packaging boxes because they will help your business.

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